31 March 2010


It should be ready tomorrow, if you care! I gotta go to bed!

30 March 2010


As I sit here in my fuzzy pink robe drinking some pipin' hot cinnamon apple chamomile tea out of my Twilight mug pondering life and how to present my trip to Forks I am side tracked big time! David showed me a bit of news from Stephanie Meyer. Shocked I was to find out that there is a "novella" about Bree from Eclipse coming out in June!! Aghast I was and initially very excited for the news. Then I thought about it and was oh so sad, why wont she just give me Midnight Sun? Although I am a lot sad it is Bree and not Edward, I will buy it and read it and keep it forever (it's Twilight) I just hope Edward comes next! Really is it too much to ask?
Logan Out!

29 March 2010


Spring Break is over and I am as sad as I can be! I missed my family today more than ever and I can't wait for their next day off! We had the most fun ever this last week with the great weather here (sunshine and 60-70degrees) and our trip up to Forks, WA. Connor and Casey had a great time going back to school and for that I am happy. I am going to be posting all my pictures from the trip, well, I will publish some and probably not all because I took more pictures than I needed to. I love new places and I LOVE VACATIONS!!

25 March 2010


I am here, really here. It has been an amazing day and I will tell you all about it tomorrow, I gotta get some sleep and prepare for La Push tomorrow!


More to come I have picture and pictures but I promise to only share the good ones!


So first of all I have to say, I LOVE SPRING BREAK! I get to keep my kiddies home and I don't have to wake up at 6:45am.
I wish the fun would never end!
We haven't done much all week and it is super great. The kids play outside all day long I watch all three episodes of Little House and I even make dinner. Because it is Thursday night (3/25) and Spring Break started Friday (3/19) at 3:23, the minute the boy got home from school I must back track all in one night for catch up so instead of make a couple of different posts I shall make them all in this one and add the few pictures i do have. Here I goooooooo!

---Friday, March 19, 2010---

Casey got home from school and she started playing and enjoying her freedom as soon as she could, ConMan got off the bus and I saw him that afternoon long enough to make sure he changed out of his school clothes before he too ran out to play and enjoy his freedom. I say freedom because we have been fortunate enough to have sunshine and that means playing outside and outside is a lot bigger than 800 square feet! They have yet to come inside for dinner without dirt all over their faces! Anyways later that night Robert, Krystal and their kids spent the night with us and the real fun started the next day!!!

---Saturday, March 20, 2010---

We all woke up and were Hungry, naturally, so we decided black Bear Diner (of course)! Now you have to understand the risk we were taking Black Bear is awesome the food is "da bomb" it is greasy, salty, fried yumminess! everyone wants to eat saturday morning breakfast at Black Bear which means you will have to wait for your turn. We were taking a huge risk with 4 adults 5 kids and 1 baby. Did I mention we were hungry? Cause we were! Well lucky for us we missed the early crowd and we got seated and ate and were on our way for 2ND breakfast downtown at the Food Network famous VooDoo Doughnuts. There is a web site and I need say no more than they make a bacon wrapped doughnut! Yes thats what I said and it is true, I saw it, didn't try it I am allergic to yeast! well I did try bites of many and I have to say my fav was Casey's Double Bubble doughnut! There was a piece of DBgum on it and I swear the frosting was made of the bubblegum too. It was full of deliciousnesses! Here are the pics!

Us in China Town there is no stopping the devotion we had!

Like I said no stopping us, even the line! Not even the very questionable establishment we had to wait in front of.

The children were AM-A-A-AZING having to wait 30 minutes for a doughnut. The men, uh, not so much with their filled doughnut remarks and the questionable establishment next door.

We made it to the door!
Oh Yeah, UH HUH!!


Happy baby!

Sad baby!

So after our second breakfast it was time for the Jackson family to hit the road and we all said adieu in the streets of China Town. We did have fun!

Saturday was not even about to end, we made our way to target because yes you guessed it right, March 20th had finally come and it was time to go out and buy NEW MOON! Oh happy, happy day! I was not able to have my twilight night until Tuesday night but I was comforted knowing I was in possession of my movie. While we were at Target we also bought a new video game and it is the funnest ever!!


We are having the best vacation ever it just keeps getting more better as Casey would say!

---Teusday, March 23, 2010---

I did finally make a yummy delicious carrot cake, Christy's Carrot Cake I will call it and David was so proud he took a pic and I will display for him!

Cake, yum!

I made the cake for my special Twilight marathon night and it was oh so worth it. I love you Christy and I wish you and Julie were there that night eating and celebrating with me!

We are now to tonight and I sit in my motel room in Forks, WA writing this all down and yes you heard me right! Again! I love Twilight can I help it? Sure. Will I? NO!

19 March 2010


So because I have nothing interesting to say I haven't blogged in a while. Well I just saw (last night) Remember Me. If you haven't seen it, go. I wasn't expecting much and was very pleasantly surprised. I love a good falling in love story, it reminds me of when I fell in love! It was worth it, way better than I expected. I went and saw it primarily because I love, (as David says "Cedric" because he refuses to call him by his proper name "Edward"), Rob.


If you plan to see it stop now if you like surprises!

Christy and Julie why did you not warn me, even just a little - Oh it's sad so take tissue- cause I was not prepared for him to be dead at the end. It was all going so well he was in love and then the pictures of him and his daddy and dead bro. on the computer and then he was so hopeful and happy in front of the window and then they killed him.

I will be depressed for at least two days. I haven't felt these emotions since Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) turned to the dark side of the force and became Darth Vader.

Damn you handsome dead movie men!

Tyler if I could say anything to you I would say, "I forgive you and I love you!"
I will remember you.

17 March 2010


I hope you all remembered to wear GREEN!

Casey had to wear a green hair clip to bed so the leprechauns wouldn't pinch her.

Connor is just glad he didn't get in trouble today!