02 November 2010


just to let you no i love Halloween. Also my mommy didn't get my costume right. It was a tiger. xoxo i love you so much. again. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.


Halloween this year:

Casey wanted to be Pippi Longstocking, Tinkerbell, Bell (beauty and the beast), a witch, or my favorite a pumpkin which she didn't pick. Her final decision was Tinkerbell.

Oh wait about 30 minutes before the Halloween Party she decided to dress up as a cat. Luckily her Auntie Lillian was a cat about 12 years ago and we just happened to have the costume.

I swear Casey your gonna kill me.

Connor wanted to be Frankenstein or Snake Eyes again this year, he decided on Frankenstein. My boy was firm in his decision unlike my fickle little girl.

Oct 29th was the church party and we barely made it for the trunk or treat. All three of us got decked out in our costumes.

I say the three of us because David is anti-costume and anti-fun and he was not feeling good plus he worked late and didn't make it out with us.

You know it always seems like a good idea at the time.
Me a ghost, Casey a cat, Connor Frankenstein

It was all fun and happiness for about 20 minutes and then Connor was done having fun and he wanted to go home. On the way home he told me he wasn't feeling very good and he had a headache that day at school. We drove through Taco Smell for dinner and then he barely survived the shower before bed. He ended up with a fever for the whole weekend. Casey was very happy and enjoyed every minute of her dress up time even though her allergies went all haywire and her eyes got really bloodshot and puffy, that lasted until just this morning. The boy is still sick.

So I was the only one not sick or impaired in some way but all of my sicky babies were determined to try and have fun!

We spent Halloween in Grants Pass. We left Saturday morning and it was a lot of fun apart from the kids being sick. I told Con he didn't have to go out I would trick or treat for him but once everyone started to get ready and the real excitement began he was so not missing out.

Once again we dressed up for a fun filled night of strangers and free candy. I didn't brush my hair out and cover with flour because it was raining and I did not want my hair to turn into bread.

dressed up on ALL HALLOWS EVE!

The kids with Olivia and Bella

David's happy face on Halloween

Time for trick or treating fun!

We all stayed together at first but after a couple blocks Connor wanted to go by himself cause all 7 girls were too much for him. Oliver saw me and Connor break from the pack and decided he was coming with us. The boys were fast and they were having a lot of fun together Oliver knocked and Connor rung the door bells. I could tell when they got tired because I was able to keep up with them.

When it was all over and we were all Back at Noni and Papa's the kids dove into their candy and then all at their own moments had melt downs. We or rather I decided we should drive home that night with the sick kids and lets face it, I wanted to sleep in and not have to spend the afternoon driving. Plus the kids would sleep the whole way.

It was a fun Halloween and a great way to start off the holiday season.

Happy Halloween and that is it!