18 January 2011


Yes, October was a very long time ago, but i did think about how my blog was outdated a lot even knowing as I thought about it that was all it was.

The holidays came and they went and we are back to school and work like we never had a break.

David still loves his job and Casey still loves school and Connor still loves video games. I still love Netflix, what can I say, we are a family who changes very little, ever.

It is time to be very serious.

I will take you back in time. It was a time for friends, girlfriends!

The time was 9:00 pm on a Thursday in November. I was cleaning the apartment and I thought I was way ahead of schedule. My friends, Christy and Julie, were coming to stay the weekend with me and I was so excited to see them. Arrival was set for Friday the next day.
I went to lunch with David earlier in the day and I told him I was going to start to clean eventually, the ladies weren't coming for another 24 hrs, at least.

Lunch with David:

I drive out to Hillsboro and pick up my main squeeze for a super yummy delicious lunch at the local Panera.

I pull into the parking lot at FEI and David enters the 4runner. Rosalee smiles and is dramatically happy to see him.

R: HIIII! How are you?

D: Good, where do you want to go?

R: I dunno, where do you want to go?

D: I asked first


We drive and talk a little about what David is doing at work and then he says,

D: So have you started to clean the apartment yet?

insert-David does not ever say anything to me about my mad cleaning skills so I am a little taken back.

R: What ever I have all day, whats it to you anyways? (not like he has to live in the pigpen or anything)

D: Just asking. I think you should really start.

R: ugh, Whatever, I totally know what i'm doing, I clean like all the time.

D: I am just trying to help. I want you to be ready to have the best weekend of your life. You are the best wife ever and I am so lucky to have you!

R: Whatever, you sooo do not know anything.

insert-David actually knows everything, all the time and i know it, but I act like I don't know it all the time.

D: Okay but I am just trying to help thats all. I want you to do something for me. (David takes a pen and a piece of paper and writes on it: David is right I should have listened and I will regret not listening to him, again. date and signed Rosalee Logan)

R: Whatever I will totally sign it and will never ever ever regret anything.

David dropped the whole subject and we had a super yummy lunch and I took him back to work, kissed him good by and then got home and I don't remember what I did all I know is I didn't clean. The kiddos got home a couple hours later and so I decided that while they did their home work I would start cleaning. I got the kids room cleaned and I think that was it, maybe the toilet before I was done for the time being. David gets home and I am in our room cleaning in there and order him to put together a new bookshelf for me, he does and he is just so bewildered by me and my inability to listen to reason or him. He helps me out in the room I get all the trash together and then what happens there is a knock on the door and I get really perturbed, what are our noisy neighbors coming over to tell us to be quiet when this is the first time. I open the door ready to be like, What do you want, and it is not the neighbors, it is Julie and Christy laughing at me and my face. I hollered and they laughed and I hollered more and they just laughed.

Then I remembered the drive to Panera, David's words of advice.


I so totally knew better, what is wrong with me? I went straight to David and begged forgiveness which he gave so easily but still I feel bad for being so foolish. Christy called and told him they would be here that night and all he wanted was to help me out. He deserves so much better from me, will he get it probably not but I see he deserves it! I am so sorry to you David, it will not be the last time I am pretty positive about that!

I was so embarrassed. But it only lasted a moment and it was the best surprise. We went out to the Cheesecake Factory a little later to go get some, well, cheesecake. The girls slept in the next morning and I finished cleaning. We were still able to go to Carver Cafe after they woke up. It was the one Twilight place we were able to go visit with the time we had.

Friday night and Saturday was Time out for Women time. It was a lot different than I thought but it was fun and some of the speakers were good, some were currently not taking their meds and it showed in the songs he sang, freaky!

Saturday night we spent hanging out here at home and we watched the Twilight movies and ate Chinese food, mmm!

But first things first: it was makeover time with Casey, she took over Julie and Christy.

The results of her brilliant hands:

Christy was first and wow it was amazing, 50 clips and a headband

She also does fingernails
Blue for Christy

Connor loved Julies long locks, sorry Jedward!
Casey has never been so happy braiding hair before

The stash it just adds to the whole makeover!
Green nails for Julie

The three lovely ladies!

The "Charlie" mustache, don't worry we all had to have a turn!

Lookin' good Conman


We had a marvelous night all of us. Even David who sat at the other end of the room and tried to completely ignore us. It was difficult but he maintained his stoic presence!

The girls left the next morning and I cried.

I miss them so much and I am only barely able to endure!

I love my friends!