02 November 2010


just to let you no i love Halloween. Also my mommy didn't get my costume right. It was a tiger. xoxo i love you so much. again. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.


Halloween this year:

Casey wanted to be Pippi Longstocking, Tinkerbell, Bell (beauty and the beast), a witch, or my favorite a pumpkin which she didn't pick. Her final decision was Tinkerbell.

Oh wait about 30 minutes before the Halloween Party she decided to dress up as a cat. Luckily her Auntie Lillian was a cat about 12 years ago and we just happened to have the costume.

I swear Casey your gonna kill me.

Connor wanted to be Frankenstein or Snake Eyes again this year, he decided on Frankenstein. My boy was firm in his decision unlike my fickle little girl.

Oct 29th was the church party and we barely made it for the trunk or treat. All three of us got decked out in our costumes.

I say the three of us because David is anti-costume and anti-fun and he was not feeling good plus he worked late and didn't make it out with us.

You know it always seems like a good idea at the time.
Me a ghost, Casey a cat, Connor Frankenstein

It was all fun and happiness for about 20 minutes and then Connor was done having fun and he wanted to go home. On the way home he told me he wasn't feeling very good and he had a headache that day at school. We drove through Taco Smell for dinner and then he barely survived the shower before bed. He ended up with a fever for the whole weekend. Casey was very happy and enjoyed every minute of her dress up time even though her allergies went all haywire and her eyes got really bloodshot and puffy, that lasted until just this morning. The boy is still sick.

So I was the only one not sick or impaired in some way but all of my sicky babies were determined to try and have fun!

We spent Halloween in Grants Pass. We left Saturday morning and it was a lot of fun apart from the kids being sick. I told Con he didn't have to go out I would trick or treat for him but once everyone started to get ready and the real excitement began he was so not missing out.

Once again we dressed up for a fun filled night of strangers and free candy. I didn't brush my hair out and cover with flour because it was raining and I did not want my hair to turn into bread.

dressed up on ALL HALLOWS EVE!

The kids with Olivia and Bella

David's happy face on Halloween

Time for trick or treating fun!

We all stayed together at first but after a couple blocks Connor wanted to go by himself cause all 7 girls were too much for him. Oliver saw me and Connor break from the pack and decided he was coming with us. The boys were fast and they were having a lot of fun together Oliver knocked and Connor rung the door bells. I could tell when they got tired because I was able to keep up with them.

When it was all over and we were all Back at Noni and Papa's the kids dove into their candy and then all at their own moments had melt downs. We or rather I decided we should drive home that night with the sick kids and lets face it, I wanted to sleep in and not have to spend the afternoon driving. Plus the kids would sleep the whole way.

It was a fun Halloween and a great way to start off the holiday season.

Happy Halloween and that is it!


27 October 2010


Summer fun began and then ended way, way too early. We did so much and I took so many pictures that I will attempt to bring it all together.

I shall begin in a time long since past, it was a beautiful time.

I believe it began in was...

a time for swimming

Which we did often and for hours a day!

a time for face painting

a time for Lego summer camp

a time for Eclipse

a time for the great outdoors

a time for the Goonies

a time for learning to ride without training wheels

a time for the Zoo

a time for our family

a time for birthday girls

a time for hiking to waterfalls

They say, "Time flies when yer havin fun!"

Time does fly, and it is so fun while it is flying but then the time comes, September 7th at 8:05am to be exact, when time stops for just a moment and I have to watch my babies get just a little bigger and a little more independent.

a time for school to begin

And I cry.

The time came to an end in September, I will never forget.

Time is something I wish I could stop, but I can't so I will just be glad that I am alive and have time. Except if I could stay 18 forever, that would be okay!



A great big fat Happy Birthday to my sissi,

Leah Co Michelle!



26 October 2010





who happens to be my hero


Guess why.

He saved all my camping pictures as well as my freakin' cool Astoria pictures, and I didn't even have to find them, he did!

I am one lucky gal!

In all my joy there is a bit of anxiety. I have so many pictures and so much to go through it is hard to decide where to start and what to actually post. This is going to take forever!

It is a great day I tell ya!


11 October 2010


August 23, 2010

It just keeps happening, no matter how many times we, David and me, but mostly David, tell her she is NOT allowed to grow up she does it anyway.

I miss my baby Casey.

She is now a six year old.

This happened over the summer of 2010, August 23rd to be exact. She woke up to find the living room transformed into a pink and purple wonderland. (really it looked like a 5th grade Valentines day dance crepe paper and all!) I was so excited for her and so sad for myself, if you haven't figured it out yet I don't like the whole babies grow up thing, but I promised myself absolutely NO tears! I made it just in case you're wondering, mostly.
Six was very exciting for her and she was ready to be the little Queenie for her day!
We had breakfast and she opened up her little gifts from me and David and the one Con got her.

She is still trying to wake up

Yeah Balloons!

She got a necklace

Connor got her Barbie stuff because every girl needs a Barbie closet, right?

We hung out watching whatever the girly wanted to watch and it was Sponge Bob of course and it's a good thing because the other options are Mariposa (a Barbie Movie she never stops watching, thanks to Aunt Leah who gave her the movie two years ago) or a cartoon called Sky Dancers (it is painful to watch Connor has a heart attack every time she picks it, it really does hurt to watch because you start trying to poke out your eyes) so we were more than happy to watch Sponge Bob, my favorite episode is Ripped Pants, it's so funny.

I digress.

Then it was time to get ready for a picnic lunch with Daddy at the duck pond by his office, and we are all glad Bob never comes because he would shoot the poor little birdies. The menu was set and prepared and this is what a picnic with Daddy D looks like:

They really look like this, all of 'em, aren't they so beautiful!

My sweet six year old

my seven year old

The kids trying to entice the ducks over to feed.
Connor fell in.

After our lunch party the next thing on the agenda was of course Chuck E Cheese. They HAD to go and play games because thats what we do!

After an hour of this it was time to go get the cake and get ready for dinner.

Now you see Casey is one of the "special" Logan's as I like to refer to some of us in the family. The rule for birthday's in our house is birthday baby gets to pick everything we eat for the day everything we do or do not do, everything. She could have anything she wants for dinner and the little freak picks,
wait for it.......

Oh Man.

Fer real, she wanted to have salad and her definition of salad is lettuce and cucumbers, which is fine but, really?

We had salad for dinner.

At least the kid can pick out dessert, Casey always has Cheesecake for her birthday cake.

No nasty cupcakes this time around remember this mess from April?
UGH, I wanna throw up thinking about those nasty things, Blagh!


She opened up her big gift from us and it was 2 CD's (Taylor Swift cause according to her, she is Taylors biggest fan, and Selena Gomez, cause I can listen to that!)
She also got a little letter:

We told her we would pay the remainder of her pink IPOD fund.

she is the most fun!

Me and my baby!

We spent the rest of the night charging her ipod and then uploading her music. I had to get onto Itunes and buy her the song, Hey Soul Sister, by Train, cause it's her favorite and it's her birthday. I can't even write this without crying my eyeballs out because it came on at this exact moment I am writing this, I hate fate. She reminds me so so much of my little Lilli and that just makes me cry even more! I am super lucky!

again I digress.

It was her best birthday ever so far she told us then about midnight Connor started to loose his composure and needed a break from the birthday girl so David took him to our room for some peace and space where he fell asleep calm and still.

Me and Casey came in about 12:30. We were tired so it was reading time and one minute she's reading out loud and the next (like instantly) she was sleeping in her book.

Up until this single moment I held myself together and then there was no helping the water works (kinda like now). David laughed and then just hugged me until I cried myself to sleep.

She is our little angel baby and I love her!

Casey decided that she would skip a friend party cause she wanted a Peggy Party!
So me and the kids left to Grants Pass Friday afternoon to celebrate with Peggy oh and the rest of the family! We spent the weekend there and first thing we (really the kids) did was go swimming!

Bob and Kylie Rose

Happy Casey

I believe this is Connor but I can't see his face.

Then Saturday came and it was time for fun and Casey was ready!

Couldn't be more happy if Peggy was there,
she's that happy because Peggy's there!

Playing pin the nose on the clown:
these kids were so fun!

Casey first cause it's her birthday!


Bella's turn, then:

Kylie's turn, then:

Kenna's turn, then:

Connor's turn, then:

Olivia's turn, wrong way!

there you go!

a rogue balloon and bob trying to break his neck getting it down

happy birthday, again, Casey!

Peggy got her a Barbie fashion fairytale carriage
cause every girl needs a Barbie fashion fairytale carriage, right?

Auntie Destiny got her a jump rope because that is what Casey asked her for and Auntie has to get her exactly what is asked for, and Auntie Krystal got her a pkg of ipod covers which again is what Casey asked for and got.
Spoiled I tell ya!
She had an amazing second birthday, we love Bob and Peggy so much we are lucky to have them here in Oregon!

Then it was time for her third and final birthday day, Sunday dinner at Peggy's, because that is the rule in the Hopkins house, birthday baby gets a Sunday birthday dinner from Peggy.
I would try to describe a dinner from Peggy but I can't just know it was amazing and if you do know what I am talking about then you are probably crying for missing out on it, cough Robbie.

Casey also got a special present from Auntie Holly, who happens to be the coolest Auntie according to my children because she is the only Auntie who can give you pink hair for your birthday! or as Connor puts it, the best presents EVER! she got him ultimate bumblebee one year because he wanted it, so she got it for him. It's Awesome but again I say, spoiled! (I know me and David are no better but it's so much fun!)

Digress, I know!

Casey and Auntie before her hair cut and pink hair extensions, which lasted 6 weeks, I think Casey even thought this was way cooler than her ipod.

Which I totally did not get a picture of cause I am also a "special" Logan.

We got home Tuesday evening and so Wednesday morning a week and a half after the official Bday it was time to clean up the birthday mess, and just like always this is how we Logan's do it!

We jump off all the furniture

because it's the coolest!

Casey's birthday threw up on her! EEWWW!

Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie!


Honorable Mentions:

Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales - birthday money
Grandma and Grandpa Barrera - sweet art projects, and I need to return your call Debi. I swear I haven't forgotten I really mean to call you back I swear!!