21 May 2010



Has it really been 16 days since my last posting?

I would really love to blame it all on a broken computer or internet connection problems but I can't seeing as my email is checked regularly ever 3 days or so and my Netflix queue has been updated 5 times recently as well as 3 glorious instant watching weeks on my tv! I guess my only real excuse is complete and total laziness! If I were any real kind of blogger I suppose I would go get my calendar and pick out the things we have done in the last few weeks but I suppose since I am comfortable I will just remember the things we have done.

Here goes nothing........

On May 8th my little Girl Scout had a "Daisy Day" which was a fun filled adventure day at a campsite (in the trees of course) about 45 min from us. I was one of the chaperons so that morning after getting us ready and set I took a claritin and we were ready to go! Sadly my camera was left at home. I suppose forgetting my camera was okay considering I remembered everything else, even to wear my lame-O medic alert bracelet which David will tell you I hate wearing, so anyways, no pictures. The day reminded me of being out at young womens camp, there was plenty of crafts and games and even a short hike where the girls searched clues to collect beads for a necklace. It was a long day for the girls and an even longer day for the mommies. 4pm couldn't come fast enough but I will say we were so lucky the rain stayed away. Our Daisy's were amazing, all 14 of them and Casey had a really great time and is excited for the camp out next year.
Me and Casey were so glad to get our butts home to the boys. I got here and David had picked up the entire house it was so nice so after a quick clothes change I packed us all an over night bag and we drove down to Grants Pass to see Bob and Peggy for Mothers Day. we got there about 10pm and stayed up until 1am talking about everything we could think of. It was so nice to see them it had been 4 months which for us is a long time! Destiny's Nate was there too so it was super fun to see him but not super fun Destiny was in Tucson. Sunday Peggy took the kids out for Connors belated birthday and they came home looking like they won the jackpot in New shoes and holding their cups of root beer. We all love Peggy she takes such good care of us!

Nothing great happened okay that is not entirely true I did find out I could instant watch Netflix via the wii which was a-ma-zing! for me not so much for anyone else. I did make sure the children got to and from school and were cleaned and fed but that was pretty much it for the first week of it. I loved my Netflix before but now it is even better!

I could seriously live happily ever after with my Nintendo(s) my TV my wii and Twilight!
and David!

Last Week Casey finally decided to play soccer with Connor for the remainder session. They had a practice Wednesday and she scored her first goal by hopping around yelling "i did it! i did it!" until Connor grabbed her around the neck to hug her. My kids love each other if nothing else!

Okay so I got ahead of myself because Wednesday the 19th before soccer and the goal it was the first and only field trip of the year for Casey and guess what, I remembered my camera! It was yet another fun filled day camp out at Camp Tillikum. I was like, "Fer real, we freakin live in the trees why do we have to spend the one field trip we have in them, come on!", when I found out but I guess that's how we do it in Oregon. Stupid Oregon! Well the day started out fine, we left and the sky was clear and we got there and the sky was cloudy but not wet, phew! Not so fast, five minutes into it the rain started coming down and didn't stop the whole time we were there. Now remember I said I had my camera well I did but it only lasted a good ten minutes because I forgot to charge the batteries so I got a couple of pictures of Casey climbing the rock wall at our first station, the Tree House. I wish I had paid more attention and saved the pictures for the rope bridge but it's me so too bad so sad!

Here are Casey and Samantha we were on the bus en route to Camp Tillikum, these two girlies were my responsibility for the day!

Here are the little ladies deciding to wait in line for the rope bridge or go try out the rock climbing wall first.

They decided to climb first and so this is the only action pic you get!

Casey bug about to climb the ladder up into the tree house for her turn on the rope bridge.

And then my camera dies!

After our time in the tree house was over we had a hike and we got soaked! It was not raining it was pouring. Even the trees gave us little shelter. We ate lunch in a barn sitting on hay bales, Casey wants to make sure I say "and it was fun!". After eating lunch she got to go fishing and didn't catch a single fish but lucky for her someone caught a salamander and Mrs. Kohl allowed her to hold it. Nasty!! She loved it but no thank you for me! After fishing she made a key chain and was so very distraught when she realized she wrote her name in permanent marker upside down. I tried to console her but it only made matters worse so we dropped it! Grumpy Butt Girl! It was then time to load up on the bus and go home. Can you guess what happened then? Lo and behold the rain stopped, completely! Freakin Portland! We did have a great time I love being with my baby cakes no matter what we do!

This brings us to yesterday, the 20th of May and my oh my, it was my little Daisy's, Girl Scout rollerskating party. Will the madness never end? No apparently it wont! We picked up Connor from school and headed out to Hillsboro to Skate World where all the other Daisy's were for an afternoon of delight. It was scary when we all started out there was a train of girls on the wall just trying to stay up but by the end all the girls were skating, it was truly amazing that they all kept getting up off their knees and behinds every time they ended up on them. The most amazing of all was Connor, I am laughing just thinking about how much fun he was skating. Casey took off with her friends and so me and Con were together trying out our wheels. He would not take the time to roll he wanted to fly in those skates and so we ended up on the floor a lot and we laughed each time we ended up on the floor! but that boy kept getting up and getting up he would not stop until he was flying. That never happened but he tried and tried. One of the mom's there told me she was in love with him and I laughed and said "yup he's pretty crazy!" and she got mad and told me "he is not crazy he is determined!" Boy oh Boy she has no idea. That was a fun afternoon and the kids want to go again and I figure why not? Madness, Bring It!

I was so sore last night but only have one real bruise on my right knee. This morning I woke up with a killer headache and my acetaminophen is not helping.
I will be glad for a couple days rest, that is for sure!
Yeah for the weekend!

05 May 2010

Eight Years Later & A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

Last week was a very busy week. It seemed like the days were gone before they even started.
Monday April 26 was David and my 8th anniversary and it seems like we have known each other for ever and yet it seems like we were just married.

Eight years have gone by so quickly. Since the time that we have been married we have had the two little kiddies who are becoming not so little.
We have moved 12 different times and we are almost ready to beat the Legend of Zelda on the wii, all we need to get to start the last level are few more heart containers and 10 poes, my life is about complete!!

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

David was leaving for work early and staying late as well as having to get his homework done that night so he could spend the afternoon with us on Connors birthday so the celebrations were very minimal the kids and I met him at the Olive Garden for a dinner. i got the soup with my dinner and filled up on Zuppa Toscana before my food even arrived. It was a fun. David did buy me some Roses which I love, they are just about ready to kill over but they were so beautiful!

I love getting presents!

That night while David was doing his homework, I never can seem to leave him alone, I asked him if he ever even imagined that this would be our life after eight years. He said, "no I thought we'd be living in a house out in Lakeside or Ramona and i'd be working everyday as an electrician." He asked what I had thought and I said, "the same but I think our life is better the way it is rather than the way it could have been." it has been hard sometimes and I think of where we started to where we are now and I think we have made good choices and learned a little about life and family.

We started out just the two of us and now this is our life!

Four pairs of shoes in the doorway!

Year nine, BRING IT!
(I really should have moved that nasty rug)


So now we have come to the Boy's 7th birthday.
He wanted blueberry pancakes and orange juice for his birthday breakfast and when he came out to eat breakfast there was a little gift from me and David and Casey's present

Connor: What? Why did I get a Bow for my birthday?
Casey: HA HA Sponge Bob is so silly!

Connor: OHHH! That was just for decoration! Here is the present attached to the bow!
Casey: Happy birthday Connor, HA HA Sponge Bob is so silly!
Casey got him the book How to Train your Dragon cause we luved the movie and Transformer walkie talkies. He got ET, a bag of sour patch kids and some Pokemon cards for his breakfast gift.

We barely made it to the bus and that morning we were at the end of the line and half the kids were already on the bus but we made it and Bobo was very happy to be 7, finally!

We still had soccer that afternoon and he was NOT happy I made him take this birthday picture at soccer he wanted to just go and play! But it's his birthday!

After soccer he wanted KFC for dinner so we went there for dinner. What can I say David and I got ouchies in our tummies but it was what Connor wanted and I am clearly an enabler and can not say no!
No pics of KFC sorry!

We got home and the kids jumped on the wii and played Super Mario until it was time for cupcakes and ice cream. He wanted me to make the "Big" mushroom from Mario for his birthday cake and I could not figure out how to do that and so he said well make the "small" mushroom then or the "Gumba". I said OKAY! I finally decided he would have big and small cupcakes that would be frosted as the mushrooms they were very depressing but Connor liked them, "even though they weren't what he was thinking of" he told me.

He is so cute but those cupcakes were so not! and I had to use so much food coloring to get the red frosting red and the blue frosting blue that the frosting was terrible.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR!" here are your nasty cupcakes! we all ate one mini gagged a little and moved on to the ice cream!

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, thank goodness something tasted normal! He loves this ice cream and especially the single serve cup size so obviously that is what he got!

he also opened his big gift and was so glad it was Legos!

Mad faces I don't know why but they had to get a mad face picture.

We are so glad this boy is ours! but I was so glad that bed time did come and after singing happy birthday for the hundredth time while he was lying in bed with the lights off and Shel Silverstein reading his poems in the background the day was over and I was the happiest mommy in the world!

Why do they have to grow up so fast?

He did have a very small friend party that Saturday. I tore a page out of Lisa's book and we took his two friends from church to the movies and then had pizza afterward here at the apartment. It was a fun day but I think I liked the movie more than the kids did, we saw Furry Vengeance and I laughed the whole time. I love Brendan Frasier!

I left the decorations up (which looked like a 5th grade dance) until the next Monday Morning and tearing down the decorations is about as much fun as having them up!

Before school the kids were jumping off the couches the table and chairs to pull down all the crepe paper, and we made tons of noise that morning that I hope woke up the boys who live above us!!

Thank You, Thank You of course to the Grandma and Grandpas who sent gifts and to all his Aunties and Uncles who called to wish him a happy happy birthday!

And thus the party is over!