04 February 2011


In regards to Christmas, I will be sharing our happy holiday memories, and a picture of Casey in her super reindeer antlers, but not right now. Right now I have something else to say.

One Saturday oh about two weeks ago David took me and the kids to the animal shelter and we picked out a kitty kitty.

He is our kitty and so he is the best to us!

You see he came to us with the name of Tigger. He and all his little family had names from,
Winny the Pooh. We love him but we could not call him Tigger he needed a new name. We once had a cat and we named him Nietzsche, after the Friedrich Nietzsche. Our goal in naming the cat was to follow in the tradition of The Simpsons and just call him Nietzsche II. We couldn't cause we didn't get an Orange cat he is black and white. So we sat down with the kids all picked our four favorite names and then voted.

H.A. Lorentz

Casey about died but she is over it and he is her "wittle Lorentz", we are in love with him!

One day not so long after my darling Man and his oh so sweet little bro Roberto had a conversation over the name we choose, through text, while I was at lunch with David.

It was so funny that I had to blog it! Oh please enjoy this!

David put it together for me and I love him for it!

Text Conversation with Robbie Jan 24, 2011

David 9:25- Connor wanted to name the kitten Kitty-Saurus Rex. Casey wanted to name it Professor Kitty. I told them if they wanted to pick faggy names they could go live with Katie. Remember Pretty Kitty? So we named it Sonofabitch

Robbie 9:26-That Fits

David 9:27-I’m just kidding. We named it H.A. Lorentz

Robbie 9:33-How did you convince your kids to name the cat after a physicist? And a less than interesting one at that?

Robbie 9:35- And don’t bring up MRI’s to refute my comment

David 9:35-Our first cats’ name was Nietzsche. We named it by process of elimination. They like Physics, we do experiments. He was not less interesting, see Lorentz Force.

Robbie 9:45-I looked up Lorentz Force. Boring

David 11:01-The Lorentz Force is what makes mass spectrometers work. That is not boring. That is how CSI works.

Robbie 11:02-Is that how they zoom and enhance already pixilated photos way beyond their resolution?

David 11:02-Hahaha

Robbie 11:09-If that’s the case, than he is my hero

David 11:10-Sure. Why not.

David 12:04-I can’t believe you think the Lorentz Force is boring. That’s like saying relativity isn’t valid cuz it doesn’t apply at the atomic scale.

Robbie 12:04-What you just said=boring


David 12:31-I showed Rose your text about Lorentz and she laughed so hard she snorted. She said “ohhhh, I love Robbie” in a sing-songy voice.

Robbie 12:32-Lorentz. More like Borentz

David 12:32-Thanks Robbie. Now I have snot all over my arm.

Robbie 12:33-ASNR!!

David 12:34-I don’t get it.

Robbie 12:35-Acute Spontaneous Nasal Reflex

David 12:35-Oh. Funny

the end

BAH HA HA HA! See I laugh even now reading it to myself! Oh Robbie you kill me!



So despite AT&T's beat efforts Verizon will now be offering the iPhone. Me I could pretty much care less, I am more interested in the finer things of the R2D2 Droid, DUH!

Well David has been told by advertising geniuses that he NEEDS the iPhone!

Apple your understanding of what my main squeeze has to have is unparalleled and you will forever be held in high regard in the Logan house. I salute you!


So David decides hes gotta get it, I say, WHAT the.....?

TRICK! What I really said was, "okay!".

He said no I will wait, no I will get it, NO! YES! NO! YES! NO! YES!

Ultimately, Wednesday night at 12am David logged onto Verizon and is now a proud owner of the iPhone!

May all your dreams come true my love!