18 June 2011


April 28, 2011

It is not so long ago that I remember bringing this boy home from the hospital without a name and feeling like me and David were playing house. It is eight years later and I still can't believe my boy is growing up.

Breakfast birthday boy!

Happy birthday Boy!

He got to open his gift from Casey and we got him a couple small gifts. Casey got him a big Bionicle which he loved, and we got him a Mario Bros. shirt, and Brain Age for his DS.

all sugared up from Chocolate Chip pancakes
and ready for school!

After school we hung out until David got home from work. We made Connor hide in the room while we got his present out and covered. When he came out to the living room there waiting for him was his brand new bike and helmet. He was so happy. I took pictures but they are gone.
my camera is falling apart and taking it out on the pictures.

For dinner Bobo wanted Pizza and Bowling. Well in that case we have to go to, Big Al's where we could get both plus arcade bonus! It was so much fun! apart from almost killing myself trying to retrieve the ball stuck in the gutter.

Where do they come from?
it's magic!

I love my boy!

In 3rd place we have

2nd place goes to

and our 1st place champion is
Clearly I was in 4th place and not pictured, but it was fun getting there!

Big Al's was awesome, but it was a school night and it was time to go back home for cupcakes and ice cream.

After last years cupcake fiasco the Boy told me to just get something that tasted good so I got us some fancy cupcakes from the bakery. We were all stuffed from dinner that none of the cupcakes got eaten. We left for San Diego the next day and they were left in the fridge only to be thrown away when we returned. so sad!

Happy Birthday baby!

we love birthdays!
my 6 and 8 year old kiddies

We sent them to bed shortly after because I still needed time to weep. Why because I do!
The party was far from over. Connor actually opted out of the friend party so while we were home we had two more parties for him. One at the Logan's house and another at the Gonzales'. He was beyond excited to have his Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Gma's, and Gpa's to celebrate this year with him!

Alicia and Casey
and their amazing cupcake creations


Connor and Joaquin
ready for battle

Clearly I did not take enough pictures because I only have these to show for it. He had an incredible birthday this year because of everyone who loves him so much!

I love you for loving him!


17 June 2011

L & L

APRIL 15-20 2011

For spring break (theirs not ours) I got two little visitors!

Lillian and Lindsey
L & L

We had a good time and I was very, very sad to see them leave when the week was over. I took a few pictures but not enough. I love my little sister and I was so happy she came up here to see me!

The mandatory Carver visit!

Lilli sitting at the counter Stephanie got her
"veggie plate"

At the Twilight table

where's the food?


After breakfast we went to St. Helens, which is along the river. I loved the little town and when I say little I mean it! There we saw the house they used as Bella's house. It was private property so we had to stay off the lawn!

this was all I could get out of them
it was a little embarrassing

look I'm falling in the driveway like Bella!
(this is for you Christy)

The girls sitting outside a little shop in town
supposedly the prom dress shop

She had to it was a little ally between two buildings

After St Helens we had just enough time to go pick up the kiddies from school. When we got home the girls vanished into the room and when I realized I went snooping and this is how I found them.


Lindsey top bunk
Lilli bottom bunk
"I get top!"
you know from BIG

After school the day before the girls were doomed to leave we all went downtown. This is a picture of the kids in the parking garage, the one and only picture from that day.

The next day the fun was over, I love you girls!


09 June 2011


So a very long time ago we went to
David's little bro got hitched in May and we went into debt. I mean we went to the wedding. We had a super fun time and although I took my camera I have yet to upload the pics. That means they are going to stay on the camera until next year and no one will ever see them. These are a few pictures David got with his phone.

I will now do a segment I like to call: this is what I named my picture, because...


Stranger Danger
because...there are like 4 people I know in this picture

Crowded Seats
because...they're not

Hair Cut
because...I need one

Dammit David
because...everytime he said SMILE, I did
and Lisa said Dammit David while turning away

Chips and Salsa
because...Robbie had the last sip from his drink
then ate the salsa
then almost passed out because it burned
then he still didn't get his refill!

Cat Food
because...Yes my cat came on vacation with us!

That is the end of the segment.


Naturally we did not take any pictures of the bride or groom, we were there for ourselves, completely.

nope it's still not a space ship.

Beautiful girls
Casey and Auntie Caitlyn

My kids
Uncle Roberto actually took all of these wedding day pictures


uncle Jeffy Poo I love you!!

hehehe, he's actually happy!

Well San Diego ended all too soon and we had to come back to the rain.

Now for your entertainment some random pictures from our past:

Because I, WE are awesome!

He didn't say one bad swear the whole time!!

This is how my children behave when the home teacher comes by

This actually belongs up in San Diego because we are at Tim and Alli's

His first pack meeting.

Walk to school on Wednesday.

apparently the best book in the library
I question her authority

at work,
I made him and Con watch Dr. Horrible

supposed to be a video of Casey Riding without training wheels

First Den Meeting
Connor got his Bobcat patch!

Zoo field trip!

before school day!

Hi Kitty Kitty!

I just love my cat

Po eyes!

David's Mustang and Connor

So it's late and I really am not sure what I am doing but I'm going ahead and doing it anyways!

I heart U