18 June 2010



It is a happy night in the Logan house. After 80 Hours of play time, a "few" pounds of candy, and a "few" fights about what the nextstep should be, the end is actualized.

We beat the game!

You see The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess has been a Friday night ritual in our home for about 6 months now. Well not all Fridays because some have been devoted to David's homework but as often as is possible (and I mean if we had an hour we spent it searching for the heart piece) we were playing the honorable game that is one in a blessed line of Zelda games.

This is such an important moment that it must be celebrated!

Only continue if you are prepared to enter a world (one of my many) I go to when things in this world are not all they should be!

Prepare yourself to see Gannondorf destroyed!

And that my wee little amigos is how Hero Link does it!

I am as sad this chapter has closed as I am happy. It is as joyous as it is desparing. It is like the time in The Lord of the Rings where it ends!


Well I have to go cry tears of the purest bliss that we won and yet I believe there will be a few of sorrow that it is ended!

The End

for now, it has been announced a new version will be released in the near future!

Long Live the Triforce!

SILLY KIDS on video!

After updating the bloggity blog as my dearest most sweetest Christy calls it I came across this bit of craziness!

I was moving all of my pics from camera to Cd's and forgot to post these videos I have taken of the wee lad and lass:

Turn your volume up for some and down for others!

Good luck!
At your own risk!

Con's Birthday
HUH....apparently we were more excited for the gift than he was.

Cinco de Mayo dance they learned in music on, well, cinco de mayo.
Yeah I know I got no rhythm or tune!
We celebrated the occasion at, you guessed it, DEL TACO! OLE!

Laundry day 4 million 8 hundred and 1
Yes this is how we fold socks in my house!
We love you Mama Mia!

Singin in the Bath!
This was the one time they turned purple in the pool,
in June,
and had to come in and take a warm bath!

On my Honor, I will try
to serve God and my Country,
to help others at all times,
and to live by the girl scout law.

What can I say we think that even though they may seem a little, uh, how you say silly, I can't help thinking they are pretty funny!

I love my goof troops!


It finally happened yesterday, the last day of school for summer vacation!

We were so excited yesterday before school that the kids could hardly eat their breakfast and we were almost late to the bus because I really wanted a picture of the kids on the last day. Well yours truly is really not that joyous in the morning and I failed to notice that the memory card was out of the camera so I took a picture that does not exist! I know, me morning smart?, absolutely not!

I was really sad about that so I took a couple of pictures of Casey celebrating when she got home from her last day of kindergarten!

Casey as a brand new 1st grader!!

Schools out for summer!

Schools out for ever!


and Casey is sitting right next to me reading everything I write and she says, (frowny face and cute sing song mad voice,) "HEY, they don't have dirty looks!"

She will miss dearly her sweet teacher Mrs. Kohl

Hi I'm Casey!

I didn't get any pictures of Connor because I picked him up from the bus stop and we left directly to a surprise last day of school location. First I needed to get my oil changed because it was on the way. Well the 2 smarty pants in the back seat were trying to figure out where we were going the whole drive and when I pulled into Jiffy Lube Con about had a cow.

"Oh my GOSH, is this our surprise, this is NOT FUN!"

I started laughing so hard cause i tricked them without trying to! HAR HAR! told em no it wasn't and then it was all done and we headed to the top secret location. They could hardly stand it and I loved every minute of it. We finally turned into Chuck E Cheese and they went crazy! We spent an hour playing games before we set out to meet David at Del Taco for our end of the school year dinner celebration!!

WHAT? Don't be hating on Del Taco, it's yummy!

And this is why I love summer vacation,
We had a magnificent time and I am so glad that Summer break is finally here! I am already starting to panic because I know the first day of school is coming again.

Yes, I need help!
this is why I love summer vacation,

Nope, still not gonna take a shower because I don't have to!

This time you can judge me!

I love summer!! WOO HOO!!

16 June 2010


AGAIN? Yes, again I have failed to keep up to date.
I am clearly way to busy and have my time devoted elsewhere.

Okay so not really, I just had so much that I was like, what am i gonna say and where do I start and I think that I need a coherent mess!

MAY 27th

My super happy kiddos! We love mornings, can you tell!?

MAY 28th

We had a four day weekend and we were so excited! Friday afternoon, because we clearly slept in, and it was raining outside, the kids and I went out to OMSI.

My Little Sweeties were so excited to go!

Yes they have to carry their own car seats!

I am not a freeway driver and so I did not realize that if I try to take the I5 to downtown on a Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm before a three day weekend I was asking to get stuck in traffic. I got what I asked for and it took us an hour and 15 min to make a 30 min drive. luckily the kids were well rested and the radio music didn't totally suck, yeah I forgot my music.

When we finally got there the boy really wanted to go see Samson the big T-Rex skeleton a favorite of ours! Then off to the science center where the kids explored and had the opportunity to run a few experiments.

Connor learning about diagnosing diseases.

This was a nerve repair something or other, (David is the scientist, not me!), that showed something, I forget.

After a time running all the experiments we went to the science playground. This was awesomeness in a room full of kids. If you have ever gone to the Children's Museum then you can imagine what this was like minus the shopping carts. It was super crowded and so the kids didn't get a chance to do everything they wanted to do but there was enough to keep them occupied.

Casey is measuring different kinds of bugs and she informed me that was because, "this is how bug scientists do it."
Yup, she sounds just like me! So proud!

Connor is checking out different x-rays from different types of animals

AHHH yes, the "flubber". By the time we came to this room there was only about 10 minutes of flubber time left and this was definitely a favorite! We even got the recipe and are waiting for summer to begin so we can have a:

Connor playing with the flubber

Connor and Casey playing with the flubber

Connor and Casey posing with the flubber

Casey Playing with the flubber

I don't know if I take one picture of one of them doing something then the other needs the same picture doing the same thing. And since I am an enabler there is one of each of them doing the same thing. I can't help it, okay I can I just choose not to!

After we got kicked out of the flubber room the kids spent the last 30 mins before OMSI kicked us out in the giant sand box. It was pretty cool apart from the kids who went from the water area to the sand area and the parents who ran around behind them telling them "no" but letting them anyway. Guess they are everywhere!
Judgmental? YES!

We had a super fun Friday afternoon and I am so glad we will have somewhere to go this summer that the kids LUV!

MAY 29th

Happy Birthday Jeannie!


JUNE 1st

Casey had been home from school for about an hour and a half, I was watching tv and it got really quiet. I got up off my big butt to go see what naughty thing she was choosing to do and when I went into the room this is what I saw:

On her bed playing the game boy, I was a little disappointed she was behaving, I was all ready to get her busted!

Playing Mini Mario

Look Sis! SMILE!

double WHOA! She is White! Like super glowing white! Oh casey, and it is this face and one of her mad faces that prompts us (David, Con and me) to say to her, "Okay Auntie Lilli!".
It just makes her more mad and us laugh more.

JUNE 4th

The kids read every night before bed time and this night I went in to turn the lights off and they had both fallen asleep with their books open!

And this is why I really really really love them!!

So off we go to Connors field trip:

JUNE 8th

Connor and I had a great time. His field trip was to the Magnuss Tree Farm.

I know the crazy obsession these people have with trees. The more they love them the more I don't!

We left the school at 9 am and we were back at 1 pm. I was bummed the trip didn't last a little longer, we had a good time. I was in charge of the boy (duh) and Maddie. She was a sweetie. Lucky for us it was a chilly but beautiful day, no rain!

Maddie and Con, my little companions for the day!
my little Casey went home with Aurelia for a play date that day.

Connor was supposedly looking at the picture I just took but ambushed me!

When we arrived at the tree farm there was a little welcoming ceremony and the two dudes told them what things are made from trees and then told them a little about what we would see. They also explained what makes a forest. Then they had the children grow like a tree beginning from their sitting position. While they did this they explained to them the process of growth. again you gotta go yourself if you want to know because I am not the scientist!

Here you will see Connor, second from left, can't quite grow as large as the others.

And here you will see why he will never make a good forest tree!
The boy laughing at Connor is his bud Jesus.

So these are our Green Mossy trees that are everywhere. They happen to be Douglas Firs. I learned that they are the dominant tree in Oregon and it is the tree on our licence plate.

Cute face!

Yup the dude stopped half of us on the little bridge while he taught about tree roots. It was so much fun trying to keep the kids from climbing the rail!

Connor standing by the dude. I forget his name. The tree behind them is called a Wolf tree because it howls when the wind blows through it.

No I have no idea if that is true or not it's just what he said.

The hike ended at "snake meadow" and the kids were set loose to find little snakes.

and this is what made the whole morning worth it! Snakes!

After lunch the kids all gathered for a class picture and this is what I got.
Mrs. Holland has got her hands full!

Like I said we had a great time and I love to be able to spend these moments with the kiddos. It will probably kill me next year when Casey starts off in first grade and I have the entire day alone. I am not even joking you!

So it was such a lovely day that when Maureen brought Casey home and Connor got home from school the kids thought it would be "so cool" to go swimming. I said, "fine, but i'm not getting in. it is far too chilly out!" They were like, "oh come on mommy it's more funner when you go swimming" and I was like, "Uh no way but you can go!"

Now to be fair the pool is heated but the air outside was still too cold.

Well they swam for about and hour but all that fun ended abruptly when Casey determined it would be fun to hit her head on the side of the pool. Oh and their lips were purple.

So I remember growing up with a pool and we weren't even allowed to have towels we had to drip dry or lay out on the burning hot concrete and we would actually warm up pretty fast.I remember John's belly turning fire engine red from laying on the ground.

It doesn't work like that here. The kids were shivering in their own towels the short, (very short the pool is right out our door), walk into the apartment.
Poor babies were so cold they needed a warm bath afterward. and if I ever tried to deny them a towel, holy moley. Let's just say that ain't happening any time soon!


JUNE 11th

Daisy Scout Investiture

Girl Scouts is over for the summer and so to celebrate the girls had investiture. We are now 1st grade Daisy's! Casey got her cookie badge, thank you to all of you who helped her get that and a few other badges and petals she has earned. She was proud yet very shy up there performing for all of us parents. I think there were only two little girls who were not very shy. It was a good year and I am glad Casey had so much fun being a part of it.

Here we go shy fly!

Lighting the candle that represented the purple petal, respect myself and others.


Congratulations Casey!

Casey and Emily
BFF's for ever!

After the ceremony the troop had a pajama party where they played games ate pizza and got to watch movies. Me and the boys had about 2 1/2 hours to kill so I took my boys to the Old Spaghetti Factory for Dinner and then before I had to pick up Casey we went home and played us some Zelda!
We are so Close!
Connor enjoying some alone time with Mommy and Daddy!

I am so proud of my Daisy!

JUNE 12th

Saturday after watching the A Team, which was sweet by the way, Sam, Amber, Elijah, and Baby Issac came over to swim. It was jolly good fun!

Connor pushing Elijah in Casey's baby doll stroller

After swimming and Chinese food we played Sam's new game called ???? uhh I forget the name of it. We had actually played it before with Tim and Alli, oh I miss you guys!

About two hours later guess who won?


I was so excited I tried to take a pic of myself but it was disgusting so this is what you get!

The game board that I dominated!

Davids attempt at getting a good picture of my proud moment.

AnyWhoo, we had a great night and we were seriously lucky for once that church didn't start until 2pm the next day!

And today:
JUNE 15th

Casey had her Teddy Bear picnic today at school. She took Lola Holly Logan (her dog from build a bear) with her for the celebration today. She told me it was, "a lot of fun and very funny" because they were outside to have their picnic when it started to rain so they had to go back inside.

Casey and Lola. this is how she came home to me today!

JUNE 16th

My oh My it is now tomorrow.

After a couple hours and a lot of breaks today, this is done. I love getting caught up!

Only two more days of school and then it is Super Summer Fun!


11 June 2010


HMMM, I can't wait for summer vacation to actually begin, almost here but not quite!

Casey is sick again because of the stupid weather here and so I have to keep her home from school and I feel bad for her cause she loves school and her friends but what else can I do, my poor sicky baby!

I just can't wait to not have to call the school cause we are all staying home in our jammies for the day and I just want to be able to stay up all night and play nintendo with the boy and I just wish the lame sun would come out for more than half a day. Goodness gracious!