27 February 2010


So we (David and I because we don't do anything alone!) just watched Julie and Julia and I feel that I need to find a project start and finish it. I also wonder how many La-hoos-eh-errs like myself are and have and will do the same thing, because of a movie!
Not this, Blogging, this is not the project! Blogging is a bit addicting and I find myself thinking, often, should I write about this or that? HUMMMM, I wonder? this is a bit Narcissistic, and I do enjoy it so!!
Let me see what can I do? I obsess real well and that is about it. What does someone like me do? Not yet sure and if I ever do figure out what it is then I shall blog about it, also!!
(Kisses doy)

22 February 2010


Sunday evening after we had reading time and before brush your teeth time I played checkers with the kids, once with Connor and once with Casey. This is what happens when I lose!

she says "give us the medal" this time but next time she will be crying in her pillow!

my little crazies!


This weekend we FINALLY made it to OMSI. We had a marvelous time. I love my little family it always seems like there are two lives being lived in our house the one where there is David and the one where we miss him a lot so when those two worlds collide this is how we do it!

Astronaut Connor

Astronaut Casey

Mars Rover - replica
We are big fans of the space stuff, plus David (so cute) is in this picture and you can see how Con tried to jump at the right moment to block out Casey from this shot. It was like that all day!

Samson the T-Rex
He was freakin amazing!

We will be frequenting the museum often thanks to our pass and just because it is that awesome!

18 February 2010


So last night when nothing good was on tv i decided to watch the olympics, I am not a great fan but it was that or operation repo, no thanks! And David spends every spare moment on his mid term, so I just stay or rather try to stay out of the way. Anyways...I LOVE Sean White, I have for a while now and everytime I go to Target and see the Sean White Clothes in the boys section I think "Connor NEEDS that!" Well after actually seeing him perform his little tricks last night and winning gold of course I feel like I NEED Sean White!

16 February 2010


Here is my main man Con just waiting til it's time for school!

Here is my "sicky baby" in the midst of her yearly coughing and general hacking of the lungs. I really love her lots and lots but I really wish she'd just give it up entirely!

06 February 2010

i can't stand trees!

So Casey is in Girl Scouts right, and we had a field trip today. She was very excited this being her first ever field trip (yeah they don't have field trips at school). We live in Portland and there are trees everywhere and because of all the rain here about 90 percent of them don't die, ever. Don't get me wrong I don't wanna see snow but I don't wanna see the rain either! Anyways, we spent this afternoon at the Forestry Center, yup, more trees! Apart from Casey shutting her finger in the door when we got there she really had a good time. I was itchy the whole time. So she earned her Forestry patch to go on her little blue frock!
Yeah Casey!

05 February 2010


Okay so clearly I have issues.


Julie I saw this layout and I knew the time has come to begin my downward spiral into the blogging world.

I love my family and I miss my friends but I hate facebook. It is late tonight and so this will be it for tonight, David twisted my arm making me go to a late movie tonight and if you can't figure out what he made me go and see well you probably should not be reading this because you don't know anything about my regrets. I will attempt to add a picture or two and see how this all goes, if I am lucky.

good night