26 April 2010


This is actually from all the way back on April 15th. I would blame it on the computer but really!

And so it happened again. Connor wanted his hair cut, he lets it grow and get shaggy and then tells me he wants it cut.
I love his hair long but am apparently the only one!

So after the barber shop trip we got home got homework done ate and then we were out the door once again for Connor's 1st grade music program. So I love my boy and I obviously think he is sooo cute, well I think all 1st graders are sooo cute now.
Well most!
Anyhow here he is that night and when I say night it was night time, for us. the Program started at 7:15 and I am sorry but that is way to late for a weekday program. My kid was yawning throughout the entire program. Then we came home to have ice cream to celebrate and guess what the ice cream didn't get eaten the boy and girly were so tired I didn't even hear "I don't want to!" they went right to bed and to sleep!
It was way too late for us!

AnyWho...He was an army ant and I almost missed his part cause I am a terrible videographer

Here is the video:

As bug 22 he said:
I see fruit and corn and muffins there
and even a cherry pie
a turkey with it's stuffing bare
and cheese whiz spread on rye"

then he and all the other army ants sang the army anthem.
So unbelievably cutesy! I really do love and adore him!

Now since it is my anniversary, 8th to be exact, I am going out to dinner with my family!

12 April 2010


We have been waiting all week for this day off of school to go to OMSI, right. Well can you guess who got sick?

Yup it is Casey!
Casey is sick high fever and a cough and an achy body! My poor little muchacha and my poor little muchacho because now we are all home and no fun OMSI!

05 April 2010


We a had very nice Easter. We ended up staying home for the weekend. We really missed seeing Peggy but after our little trip to Forks, downtime was definitely needed.

Saturday morning was the annual easter egg hunt for the apartments we live in. It was so muddy! After breakfast we colored eggs and then played Super Mario Bros. and Zelda for the rest of the day!

The kiddies woke up early Sunday Morning to see what the Big Bad Bunny had brought them. They each had a golden egg to find (in the house, it poured rain all weekend long) and each got a basket full of goodies.

Three hours later and a lot of clues later they found their special golden eggs!

We did shower but got right back into our jammies because we did not have any plans on going anywhere. Thanks to General Conference church was at home on TV. After a lovely meal of Egg salad and mac and cheese the kids were off to bed. David was in bed an hour later and I was free to enjoy the Sound of Music (without a pair of eyes rolling next to me) for the rest of the night.
Not a bad way to spend a holiday!

01 April 2010


This is to let you know that this post is seriously LONG and what I say is supposed to be funny and not to be taken serious at all. I have a disease where I think I am funny and sarcastic. But i'm not. So sit down enjoy!

You may now begin!

YIPEE!! Spring Break is finally here. The Kids are home from school and the sun is surprisingly out. David has taken two days off from work and here is where my story begins...........

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I told David that we should just stay home and hang out for our vacation time together and he said pack a suitcase and lets get in the car, I am taking you to Forks, woman! Just like that we found ourselves showered, packed and in the car two hours later on our way to the perfect place!
We first stopped off at DerWeinerschnitzel (of course!) for some hot diggity dogs! I should have taken a picture but those come in a bit! I do not LOVE DerWeinerschnitzel like I used to due to the fact that a hot dog is 30 percent questionable meat and 70 percent bread, ummmm bread!, I still enjoy the sights and smells oh yes I said smells! We drove through but had to pull over because "someone" ordered chili dogs and couldn't drive and eat at the same time. So half an hour later we were on our Target. I swear there is something about the Der that I gotta have a candy bar afterwards. Plus I needed a little mood music and so a Milky Way and New Moon soundtrack later we were on our way.
I swear it felt like we would never get there.

In front of us on the road

And behind us on the road

So finally like forever later I saw my first sign of hope!

then my second!!

then my THIRD!!!

This one almost started a fight. See I was the navigator, and just for your information I am a terrible navigator even if I know how to get there!
David said, Really Rose, how many pictures do you need of the sign? or something like that.
I kept my cool and just told him I needed four but one didn't come out it was blurry from the rain!
Speaking of the rain it was ka-ray-Z! One minute it would be drizzling and then nothing and then the next Wham o Bam o! Pouring rain! Then Nothing! Then again!
Fer real!

Okey Dokey, back to business!
in Aberdeen the houses were colorful, at a red light this is what we saw--

Left side of the road,

Right side of the road!

I wanted to take pictures of all the colorful houses we drove past (and there were a lot) to document it but it was pouring rain on and off and I didn't want to have to stop and get out every time. The trip was long enough already!

Finally out of the town and back on the road! The 101 to be exact! FUN!!

I can't stand all the trees right but I have to admit how beautiful the drive was. It has to be because of where we were going and I was soooo excited!


I made David pull over in Qweets at the gas stop there, I drank a lot of Pepsi. The light in the bathroom didn't work so I had to take care of my bizness in the dark.

We were about 45-50 minutes from Forks when there waas a break in the very dense trees and this is what we saw:

For about 20 minutes give or take the drive was along the coast. We HAD to stop and check it out when we saw that break in the trees. The tide was real low so it was an amazing quick hike through the trees over the fallen trees along the tree lined side of the beach and over the sand to the water. Casey and Connor were so excited to see the ocean they took off once we let them. I of course had to take more pictures!

A timer picture. I was in charge and three pictures later this is the only one I was posed in, very poorly, and not running through the photo.
The fallen trees were amazing I had to get a picture by them!

To the right!

To the left!

Babies at the waters edge picking up crab shells and rocks!

It started to rain again!
there were plenty of hoots and squeals!
We still had to climb back to the car!

Where's Waldo? I mean Connor?

Back in the car and back on the road, WOO HOO!
It was a good 30-40 minutes later and I knew, finally!
We are almost there and you wanna know how I knew it?
I saw Charlie heading home after his fishing trip!


That was it for me. I was bouncing in my seat asking "when are we gonna get there?" in my most winy yet so so excited at the same time voice.

(as previously posted!)
I could not have been more happy to see Santa!

Connor and Casey were glad to be there but for all the wrong reasons as they were soon about to find out.

The population sign posted in the chamber of commerce window. I wish I had gotten a better picture, there were several throughout the town, but I didn't.

We arrived in Forks around 4:35pm and it was Twilight happiness overload for me I couldn't hardly think, there was too much to do and see. What now?
I did get a lot scared for a sec because I wanted to get a local map to route out our landmark sightseeing tour, we had the addresses but no directions, and the Chamber of Commerce had closed at 4:00.

Thank goodness David was thinking straight (hardy har straight!) and said first thing lets go check into the motel and get internet access and find a map.

It was so much fun and so exciting to drive into town. I must say it was a little surprising to see just how much the town had embraced Twilight.

Even the firewood on the side of the road!
It's amazing!

*Forks Avenue*

I really should have taken more pictures of how the town had embraced the theme and all but I seriously could think of nothing more than getting my picture taken where Carlisle works!
We had a list and we were getting it done in the little time we had!!
But really even the Chinese food restaurant had Twilight posters in the window!
Everywhere was somewhere Bella had been!
We Checked into the Motel and I asked the girl on the other side of the counter where I could get a town map and she smiled oh so sweetly and said to me, "do you want a street map or the Twilight map?" I grinned and said what do you think? She handed me the Twilight map!
Oh now the fun begins!! We checked out our room, the Boy found Sponge Bob on TV, we all had our bathroom breaks and we were off.
Casey and the Boy were not in any way happy about having to get back in the car again but a little bribing later the kiddos were happy enough to begin phase two of our trip.
We headed North on Forks Ave. and made a right hand turn onto E. Division St. drove a few blocks down and we were there!


this House or rather Bed and Breakfast was designated as the Cullen House after the books were published and before the movies. Not what I pictured but who the ? cares? Not me I'm getting my piture taken out front.
It's Edwards house!

Connor was MAD because he was not allowed in my picture so.....

He got his own picture and then.....

Sis got hers!

this happend at about every site, so, yeah!

Next stop, can you guess?
Back onto E Division St. (left turn out of the Cullen's driveway) and you come to:


Charlie's Cruiser!

I didn't want to get too close but some nice ladies came out from the station and told me to get closer!

So I did! I wanted to lay across the hood but, cops, ya know?!

Take another Left out of the station and then a misguided left onto Elderberry, yes I was navigator again, we found:


I had the kiddies jump out!


We did drive into the high school parking lot but the famous movie sign was no where and the one that was there a kid wearing a letterman's jacket was camped out under it so a little sad and disappointed I told David to go and we would have to try later. I was sad but then I remembered our next stop. Another left on Division, left on Forks Ave., Right on Bogachiel Way and on the right hand side arrive at
550 Bogachiel Way:


me and the kiddies
ME!! I swear I felt like I was at Disneyland!
oh yeah! uh huh! oh yeah! uh huh!

Sis making fun of mama!


So. Another left on Bogachiel, left on 7th, right on K:


Again, chosen after Twilight was published and before movies.

For me this was pretty close to what I had imagined reading the book. I wanted in soooo bad, but it was someones house and it was raining off and on and I was on a mission!!
Our next stop was the vampire baseball field. This was a tricky one because the directions were the corner of Quillayute Rd and Mina Smith Rd, we laughed because it was so close to Mina Harker (heh hah!), the corner held a beautiful little cemetery and then right next to it was a house. No baseball field so we drove past and I glimpsed a couple pots that had Baseball Bella and Baseball Edward painted on them so on our turn around trip I said pull over so I can get a picture just quickly. We did when lo and behold, the vampire baseball field! WOOP WOOP! It was located in someones backyard, mmhmm!, and there were two gnarly dogs, behind a fence thank goodness, that did not like us and barked the whole time we were there.


Take me out to the ball game!
Take me out with crowd!
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks!

I don't care if I never get back!
Let me ROOT ROOT ROOT for the
If they don't win it's a shame!

For it's one, two, three strikes your out,
at the old ball game!

It is so much fun being me!!

AND the babies out on the field
Casey just getting her picture taken:

The Boy playing vampire baseball
at the vampire baseball field!
super swift

My sweeties
Bobo is trying so hard to behave he just looks guilty.

and finally his shot!

On our way out from the "field" I attempted to take pictures of the painted pots. They are not great pics but here is the best of em:

Well there was one place left but it could wait til after dinner, we were hungry. Since the Restaurant that offered the "Twilight Menu" was out near La Push we (I picked it) opted for the local Smoke House that offered the "Bella Berry Pie" so I was getting dessert whether I liked it or not!
Apparently I know how to pick em because the Smoke House is Forks' most nicest most expensive restaurant. The food was good but we wont go back, the babies ordered chicken finger meals and they only had enough for one order. Then for dessert there was no bella berry pie, so no dessert. Probably not going back.
I didn't take a picture.

With dinner over and the kiddos sedated there was one last stop to make, actually two because we found out that Dr. Cullen has a marked parking space. HOLLA!

First last stop of the day:

the store Bella works at was a grocery/ace hardware store and so there really wasn't a food place to take a picture so I snapped one getting out of the car to go in and check it out.

This is his happy face!

We wandered through the store for a while looked at all the twilight merchandise and David told me to get something but I was having buyers remorse from dinner so I opted out.
Second last stop of the night:


Self portrait - and all the crazy rain then no rain this is what I looked like, but hella worth it!

I don't think there is much to top this!

We were ready to get to the Motel room and get some rest, it had been a long and very exciting day and there was still La Push tomorrow. We got in early enough to watch the Thursday night line up. The Office is even more funny in Forks!
Nighty Night!
Friday, 26 March 2010
Wakey Wakey Sleepy Baby!
Fishermen are really noisy! They like to stand outside and yell about who is driving who and what out in the parking lot at 5am. We had to be out by 11am and we were out by 10:30, sucka! David is picking the restaurants from now on because breakfast ROCKED! We (David) did find the school sign at last so before we ate we:


It really was as much fun as it looks!

School was in so we jumped out of the car took the pictures and left to the diner for breakfast.

Casey at the diner

On our way to La Push we stopped at the store Dazzled by Twilight, I could have stayed there all day just looking at everything Twilight but the kids make me nervous. They touch everything and they are always taking off on their own and yelling about everything they think is "sweet". I did purchase a mug but that was it. I was ready to walk out of there with a Carlisle shirt but that is the one character shirt they did not have, so the everything Twilight became the almost everything Twilight store. I do love my mug. I should have bought 10! David still wanted me to get a shirt but I passed again. I have to admit I did like the "may the Forks be with you" with two Jedi's battling out with forks. Now off to La Push but first time to get gas, good luck David.
See in Oregon people DO NOT pump their own gas


On the way out to La Push this is what we saw:

A family picture next to one of several big stumps along the road


I am only here because I HAVE TO, it's twilight! Sheesh, how many times do I have to remind you of that my dearest reader. I am committed, baby!
I am in no way shape or form a Jacob fan.
Connor is Team Jacob, I think it is because he really wants a dog though.

Excuse me? I think they forgot about Carlisle helping Jacob!

At Least they remembered to show us ladies the love!

In our search for First Beach, which we were pretty sure we found, there were many many hiking trails along the road. So while in pursuit we pulled over and went on a 15 min hike. I had the wrong shoes totally. Never try and hike in 3in heeled boots. My bad ankle was sore. Anywhoo, it was a beautiful hike and I didn't even get itchy it was wonderful. The air smelled so clean which I miss from k-falls here in Portland but got in La Push. Not only clean but Ocean salty too, it just made me happy!
So here it is my friends, Jacobs playground!
A sweet tree that had a hole through the base of it.

Front view

and as much of a back view as I could manage without falling in the stream
We LOVE bridges especially sweet little ones in the woods!

What, what's that? Where's Casey?

Oh there she is!

You see I just can't help it. I gotta pose! poser!

Run Casey a werewolf might get you!

Fer real this is what it looks like all around!


Just some yellow wild flower that grew all over the woods.

Climbing fools!
This is where we were (arrow pointin up)
here is where we wanted to be (arrow pointing down)

Driving in towards first beach on Ocean Front Rd
We made it!

Strike a pose!

Case loved the rocks for some reason.

Connor loved to tempt the water by getting as close as possible to the tide then running for it when it came in.

The Ocean vs. Con-Man

Con-Man all wet to his underoos and sandy because the ocean won.

He waited just one second too long the tide tricked him and came in a lot further than it had the previous times. He went down onto his tummy and the water went right over him. It was funny!
Time to climb. This is the huge log from the picture up top of the beach. Casey and Connor decided to climb up and along the huge log. Did I mention it was HUGE? Well I wasn't going up there in my boots because I didn't want to slip off and die so up went David.

to the left David and to the right fearless jr and his sidekick whatever you say connor

they all decided to stay up there and get as close to the end as possible.

They got pretty close!
Casey aka whatever you say connor

Connor aka fearless jr

I threw the camera up to David for a close up in the tree roots:

Me safely on the ground watching and just enjoying myself. I really couldn't have been happier but I knew it was close to being over so I started to get a little sassy at David to mask my fear of the impending doom of our trip ending, but David wasn't having any of that and set me straight fast. I was glad it was more fun being happy!
It was happy day not sad day!
We probably could have stayed there for hours just playing while listening and watching the surf.

Good times, good times!

I was really smiling in the picture. It was fun to watch them all climb the HUGE log. They did all come down eventually but not before tight rope walking another much much smaller fallen log.

At the car while I was changing Connor out of his wet and cold clothes another seemingly impossible thing happened.

We saw Jacob
I had to, it was just too easy!

Time to get in the car and head home. sad face.

So on the ride home I had David pull over so I could snap shot Jacobs house, I of course took the picture and said good enough let's go. no need for a pose here!

On our way out of town David took me back to Forks Outfitters and made me pick out a t shirt. The one I wanted only had a the green one in my size and I am sorry but I think if you are gonna have a Twilight tee it's gotta be black or red not green, so I picked the next best one. The Jasper one.

After a long ride home, it was not as fun on the way home, we were crossing the bridge from Vancouver to Portland and I shed a silent tear for the end of a great trip. But as David told me, it was really just the beginning of phase 2 of our awesome vacation. Phase 2 would involve lots of video game time!

As you can see I was tore up from the wind and the rain there in Forks but all for a good cause!

I love my mug.
I drink everything out of it.
David laughs at me. and my shirt it says Jasper (obviously) then smaller it says:
I loved our trip and we all had a great time. David was amazing taking my picture in front of everything there. I asked him if it was embarrassing and he said, "not embarrassing, I just don't understand it." Me either it just is! I want to go back and go to Port Angeles to eat at Bella Italia and take my picture in front of the dress shop and the movie theater and everything else Twilight related. Next time! If I missed anything, sorry.
Maybe I will just move there. The town was not so bad! There are the trees to consider, nope i think I will just be a tourist!
I am very glad this post is finally finished. It took for ever to get together but was super fun to relive the moments from my pictures, which I only posted a third of. i love you all for being interested. My mom always said I didn't know how to just tell a story and David always asks for the short version but never gets it so you too are a witness to my need for over telling a story!
Congratulations if you read it all the way through!!
Good Night.
Twilight to the end!