18 June 2011


April 28, 2011

It is not so long ago that I remember bringing this boy home from the hospital without a name and feeling like me and David were playing house. It is eight years later and I still can't believe my boy is growing up.

Breakfast birthday boy!

Happy birthday Boy!

He got to open his gift from Casey and we got him a couple small gifts. Casey got him a big Bionicle which he loved, and we got him a Mario Bros. shirt, and Brain Age for his DS.

all sugared up from Chocolate Chip pancakes
and ready for school!

After school we hung out until David got home from work. We made Connor hide in the room while we got his present out and covered. When he came out to the living room there waiting for him was his brand new bike and helmet. He was so happy. I took pictures but they are gone.
my camera is falling apart and taking it out on the pictures.

For dinner Bobo wanted Pizza and Bowling. Well in that case we have to go to, Big Al's where we could get both plus arcade bonus! It was so much fun! apart from almost killing myself trying to retrieve the ball stuck in the gutter.

Where do they come from?
it's magic!

I love my boy!

In 3rd place we have

2nd place goes to

and our 1st place champion is
Clearly I was in 4th place and not pictured, but it was fun getting there!

Big Al's was awesome, but it was a school night and it was time to go back home for cupcakes and ice cream.

After last years cupcake fiasco the Boy told me to just get something that tasted good so I got us some fancy cupcakes from the bakery. We were all stuffed from dinner that none of the cupcakes got eaten. We left for San Diego the next day and they were left in the fridge only to be thrown away when we returned. so sad!

Happy Birthday baby!

we love birthdays!
my 6 and 8 year old kiddies

We sent them to bed shortly after because I still needed time to weep. Why because I do!
The party was far from over. Connor actually opted out of the friend party so while we were home we had two more parties for him. One at the Logan's house and another at the Gonzales'. He was beyond excited to have his Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Gma's, and Gpa's to celebrate this year with him!

Alicia and Casey
and their amazing cupcake creations


Connor and Joaquin
ready for battle

Clearly I did not take enough pictures because I only have these to show for it. He had an incredible birthday this year because of everyone who loves him so much!

I love you for loving him!


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