29 August 2011


Okay, So I am aware that there are a few (4) months from Connor's birthday to Casey's and there is a lot that has happened in those few months, but here is my Casey's birthday and the rest will come later!

August 23, 2011

She was born August 23rd at 9:45am.
I love this little girl more than anyone will ever know and I am so glad that Heavenly Father gave her to me. She loves anything pink, frilly, sparkly, feathery and little because the smaller something is the cuter it is!
This year for her birthday she could not decide what she wanted but she did know that for breakfast she wanted waffles and cream, for lunch she wanted turkey and mayo sandwiches with Cheetos, and for dinner pork chops and salad.
Oh Casey!!

Here is my birthday girl and she is ready to be 7!
she told me the morning of her birthday, "I can now face my fears because I am 7!"

Me Connor and Gene talked her into having turkey and mayo sandwiches at subway, she caved!
Goldie her bunny went everywhere with her!

Gene was here visiting, YAY!
Gene and Connor both tried to hide when I took their picture,
Gene really thought he could hide behind the poster, silly boys!

every birthday Casey has involves Chuck E Cheese somehow,
we went and the kids played games until 100 tokens were gone!

they love this ride!

After dinner it was time for cheesecake and root beer floats!

I only now realize I have no pictures of her opening her presents. Sheesh! Connor got her a watch and a little ceramic bear that holds a locket, she really wanted that bear. We got her a hamster which I regretted from the moment we brought it home, and Gene brought her a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales AND HIM, a new jacket and skinny jeans which she cannot live without!
Grandma and Grandpa Barrera got her the exact Lalaloopsie doll she was asking for, and the next day she got a dress that unknown to them was also the exact dress she wanted for the first day of school!
Noni and Papa sent her a pkg with a sparkly hat that Casey has not stopped wearing since she got it! a jacket, curlers, a watch, and a sparkly shoe key chain for her backpack.
Grandma and Grandpa Logan sent her cash which she is dying to go spend!
She has been extremely spoiled at 7 years old!

We waited until the following Saturday to have a friend party and when I asked who she wanted to invite she could only think of three friends even after I told her she could invite more people. I conned her into inviting two of Connors friends but they couldn't come. Connor then decided it was not his kind of party and went to work with David for the day! Casey wanted to have a tea party, and because one of my bff's in SD had just thrown a tea party for her twins and blogged it I knew exactly what I needed to do on a much smaller scale! I went to the goodwill and found a tea set, Joann's for some pink lace for a table cloth, and then made all the necessary tea party sized treats! He girlfriends came over and they all had such a good time, Casey could not have been happier for the day!

I am so proud of my little girl and she already can't wait til her next birthday because she will finally get to be baptized. She still can't figure out why she has to wait so much longer than Connor had to, even after we told her, "he had to wait eight years just like you do!" We are lucky to have her in our family, she is our sun!

Happy Birthday BabyCakes!


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