17 March 2011


Today while I was at the kids school helping with Passport, a social studies program for the school, Miss. Walker (Casey's teacher) came in and told me that Casey needed me.

She was in the office with a bloody nose and she really wanted her mom.

I had just seen Casey, perfectly fine, an hour earlier for passport so I was a little surprised. miss Walker must have seen that on my face because she told me that Sis had tripped in the Library and fell into a book case. I thought my poor baby, she needs me!

I jumped up and as fast as I could walked to the nurse office and there was my Casey, Mrs. Cone (the librarian) and Mrs. Grealish at the sink with bloody towels and tissue all over Casey's face. Casey was crying and then she heard my voice and started sobbing.

She had cut her eyebrow open and had squashed her nose. Who knew a little girl could bleed so much? Once I was able to check her out and look at her eye I decided to take her to Urgent Care. I had no idea if she needed stitches or not.

I pulled Connor from class, called insurance to see where I needed to go and still be covered and drove strait there.

3 & 1/2 hours later she had her face glued back together (no stitches, hallelujah!) a swollen nose and pictures of her skull.

My poor sweetie pie needed a happy meal!

She has a headache and her nose is still dripping blood a bit but she is in one piece and smiling again.

Left side of her face
(all cleaned up!)

sad face baby

I don't like this day one bit!

If I didn't know better I'd say the good Lord had it in for us.


15 March 2011


I laid off the stupid trees because it got old listening to the same thing over and over, right? Well I am back and I hate trees more than I ever did before. I am so done with the trees.

I wanna buy a forest just so I can destroy all the trees in it.

See we went for a drive out along the Columbia River on the historic highway, I like the river. David was telling us about this lookout called the Crown Point Vista House. We had never been and I wanted out for a little bit so we decided to go see this place. It was a rainy day but when isn't it, we live in frakin' Portland. We get there and the rain is coming down and the wind was blowing so hard we were being pushed around by it. The kids thought that was awesome. We were laughing having a grand old time. We couldn't see anything and it started to really come down so it was time to head home. We ran to the car laughing and trying to dodge the pelting rain.

About a mile down the road......a tree falls on us!

David was calm and in control, I was in shock ready to cry, Connor was yelling uncontrollably and Casey was hysterical.

All I remember is out of no where sticks and tree parts started to fall on us and within seconds there was a loud crack our car was struck and we were stuck on top of another tree that had fallen in front of us. The car was buried to the windows on the passenger side of the car. We were so scared we had no idea if it was over or if we were in for more.

So many people stopped to help. To all of them I say, Thank you.

When David said it was safe to get out we all exited the car on the driver side. Someone took me and the kids to his car so we could get out of the rain, it was very kind. It took a while for the kids to settle down and when they did I felt like it was my turn to cry, i didn't but I wanted to.

We had called AAA right away for a tow truck to come out and get us off of the tree. Before the tow truck came people stopped to help free the car from all the tree that could be moved. There was a lot of tree.

Two hours later David (who stayed outside the entire time) was soaked, we were cold and finally on our way home. We were very lucky we were able to drive the car home and we were even luckier none of us were at all hurt in the accident that the tree didn't go through the window. We were and are saying our thank you prayers to God.

I am still shocked it happened, I guess if anyone deserves to be pummeled by a tree it is me, I can't stand the things, but really! Casey doesn't want to go anywhere ever again and Connor very like his daddy is ready to make fun of what happened. The kids both got sick and I am sure it is from being out in the weather like we were.

Here a some pictures David took with his phone after most of the people left and the car was mostly cleared.

I think that is everything, I am still in shock, what can I say.


14 March 2011


On March 10th Hiteon Elementary School had the annual science fair. I very imprudently allowed my pen to fill out the form that Connor and Casey would be participating.

Okay really I signed them up because it always seems like a good idea at the time.

Well the kids were signed up and ready for science fun. David and I (David because whenever it is I it is us) were sure that daddy would take care of everything cause I'm not the scientist, right!

It was sometime, like maybe a week before on a Wednesday, I say to David, "Uhhhh you know the science fair is next week so you gotta get that junk done this Saturday." He looks at me like I started speaking Latin and says, What the? I said well I thought you were taking care of it, I don't have any idea what to do. After a very fun conversation David admits I am right and he should handle it. Saturday rolls around and we have a shopping list and three very excited and happy scientists!

The project they, but for the purposes of this blog will be referred to as "we" or "us", had decided on was to record the temperature of different liquids in 20 sec intervals for 6 min's to see which boils fastest. "We" had six different liquids: Apple Juice, Lemon Lime soda, Orange Juice, Water, Salt Water, and Ice Water.

So we begin.
The kids needed to make up a chart to record the data "we" were collecting and Connor was so excited to make up the chart!

told you there were three happy scientists!

Next it was time to measure and begin the process. Connor was first at the stove and Casey collected the temp every 20 secs.

measuring out 300 ml

Happy Casey! and her data

This is the contraption David created with some electrical tape and skewers to hold the thermometer in the liquids as they boiled
it was awesome!

Then the old switcheroo. Now was Casey's turn to measure and boil and she was excited!

happy Casey! measuring out

now boiling

Now that the experiment part was done it was time for "us" to record all of the collected data and make it into pretty graphs.

Con wanted to do it his own way.
He knew how to already.

If you didn't already know,
Casey is perfect!
David had no problem teaching her what to do.

Now that "we" had everything ready it was time to glue it to the poster board.

thanks for the help Kylie Rose!

March 10th came and the kids were so excited! The project which was titled, Time vs. Temp, turned out beautifully and I am so proud of my scientists.

in the school gym ready to answer any questions you have!

I was so proud of them, they loved it and are ready for another project. As we all left the school that night I was so glad it was over while David and the kids were planning for next years project.

sigh, yea?!

Go Science!



Guess who is home sick, again.

Casey got home this afternoon and fell into bed. I walk in to find her like this.
Her sick bowl and iPod
So proud!



So here are some pics from Christmas and whatever else. If I wait any longer to post about it it will be next Christmas and so on and so on.

It is quite a life we live and I only get a small fraction of it on camera and it is almost always Con and Sis who are being captured for history's sake.

Have fun!

toothless wonder?

Oh Casey

Christmas break 2010

For Grandma Connie!

She is a Christmas Tree



my little baker mama!

Little baker and big baker

mmm piringles!

Christmas Day 2010

Casey got books from Santa:
The Tale of Despereaux
Nancy Drew #3
Bella the Bunny Fairy
Magic Tree House Book #?

Connor got a video game for his Game Boy
Mario Party DS

Merry Christmas Time
with the Hopkins Family

New Years Holiday 2010 - Astoria, OR
cause we luv Astoria!


the column in Astoria
Connor is the little on in the center on the right

at Fort Clatsop National Memorial
Connor as Lewis of Lewis and Clark

Dinner in Cannon Beach

Valentines day

Uncle Rob and Auntie Melea visit
Connor w/ iPhone and Uncle Robbie w/ iPad

Sleepy Babies!!

Casey and her 100 day project
Thanks Auntie Lilli for the idea!!

You visit us
you visit Voodoo Doughnut

this is what a snow day in Portland looks like

you visit us
you visit Carver Cafe
mmm biscuit and gravy

Truck stop hats!

Casey sleeping by herself in the big hotel bed
sweetie baby!

Well thats that!